Poster Pack

Critical Thinking by Design

Each Poster Pack challenges educators and students to think critically about their own unconscious biases
and examine how they can be reinforced by the media, their experiences and their relationships.


unlearn. Digital

unlearn. Digital

Provide a rich learning experience to learners of all ages. unlearn has created a tool designed for every learner. This resource was developed to help educators and managers create a path to identify and eliminate discriminatory practices and ensure that students and staff are given the opportunity to see themselves and their colleagues reflected in the learning, empowering everybody to have a transformational dialogue about equity and human rights.  


Wall Murals & Floor Graphics

Promoting Critical Thinking

Wall Murals and Floor Graphics are tools that are perfect for every learner, regardless of age. As a central design component in the school, the mural and/or floor design can help stimulate social and emotional learning through creative thinking for the entire school community! The designs are open to interpretation, and the reflection process provides an opportunity for empowerment and can create transformative conversations. Not only do the murals and floor graphics look good, they also do good.