Poster Packs


Poster Packs

Each Poster Pack challenges educators and students think critically about their own unconscious biases
and examine how they can be reinforced by the media, their experiences and their relationships. Provide
rich learning experiences to learners of all ages. 

Poster Packs as a Tool for Critical Thinking

We often hear that educators and managers struggle to find critical thinking resources that can be used with students and staff at all ages and learning levels. unlearn has created a tool designed for every learner.

This resource was developed to help educators and managers create a path to identify and eliminate discriminatory practices and ensure that students and staff are given an opportunity to see themselves and their colleagues reflected in their learning, empowering everybody to have a transformational dialogue about equity and human rights.

For educators, this resource helps to strengthen inclusive and culturally responsive and relevant teaching practices. We have helped educators to improve student engagement and achievement and inspire positive change in their classrooms and schools.


Three Editions. Two Formats

Digital Package

Physical Package