Our mission is to provoke thought to inspire positive change.

Social and cultural inequality remains a barrier to a more prosperous future. Join unlearn. in our mission to educate, elevate and inspire everyone to create positive change in their communities.


Our Programs


An organization is only as good as its culture—and building that culture is not only a role for HR, it’s every manager’s and employee’s responsibility. 


unlearn.’s Professional Development Workshops assist educators to develop and implement Culturally Responsive and Relevant Pedagogy (CRRP) by applying an equity lens to important social justice and human rights issues. 

Our vision is to inspire people to see the humanity in everyone.

unlearn is a social enterprise with a passion for inspiring critical thinking by design. We believe design has the ability to inspire and make the world a better place. unlearn uses clothing, posters, and programming to provoke thought and dialogue around human rights, equity, and social justice issues.


What People are Saying

Our team felt secure and able to express their reactions and thoughts. The group comments through the online chat were enlightening and spoke to the depth of the topic and how quickly people became a part of the conversation. For many, these were unusual topics to discuss in a business meeting, but the outpouring of support and appreciation for the session has continued for days afterwards. (...) Openly discussing these compelling topics in difficult times became a real bonding experience for our participants."
Patricia Stride
BNI Alberta North


The unlearning doesn't end when the session concludes. Rather, the door is left open to continuously examine and re-examine one's self and the world around us; to see with new eyes. Well done unlearn!”
Rebecca Chouinard
Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Development Canada


What I loved about this session: The open dialogue and relaxed atmosphere of sharing experiences in a conversational way. I loved the storytelling and the completely respectful and caring way the presenters engaged with staff members and each other. What I found most useful in this session: The fact that it was thought provoking. We were led to our own deep thinking without being presented with information in a sterile way."
Kelley Joyce
Countryside Village Public School

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unlearn. provides EVERYONE an entry point wherever they are in discovering their own bias, their own prejudice, and creating a school community focused on equity and human rights.